Realization through Expression

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details from my artwork : "figurative-tortoise"

Hi Everyone! Last week has been a week with a lot of good unexpected incidents and unbelievable moments. It has been quite a thought-provoking week for me. Weather is still very chilly in Berlin but keeping my spirit up :)

It has been 6 years since I actually started really focusing on "art" as a way of life. Up until then, I had been drawing and painting but it was always the side dish in my plate of life. 6 years ago, I moved from Tokyo to Paris with one suitcase in hand to reset my life. And when I thought of what I really wanted, art was something I couldn't let go. Creation as a mode of expression was something I always had. However, when I was young, it was hard to accept my true feelings for it.


I was scared. 


I was afraid that if I pursued it, and couldn't make it turn around, I had no where else to go. Art was something I loved but at the same time feared the most. There was a constant duality within me.


So up until 6 years ago, I took a path as a fashion designer in Tokyo for 9 years. But somehow, all along, I knew somewhere in the back of my head that I was making excuses for myself not to do art. And I HATED that feeling. I had to do something about it but fashion industry kept me busy and my fashion days whizzed by just like that. And I decided to leave Tokyo for Paris.




I had visited Paris several times beforehand, and I was drawn to the style that the city had. I loved vintage, the art and music movement in the 50s~60s and etc... I wanted to feel the city from the bottom of my feet. So then, I just have to try it and see, right? So the suitcase was packed and ready to go.


In Paris, I rented an apartment in the edge of the 19th near Place des Fêtes and started my life there. I found a part time job in the city at a vintage store and started my studio work in the corner of my apartment.


I felt like a lot of the works back then were a part of a big "figuring out process". Having years away from concentrated studio work, I had so much urge to create that it kind of bursted in every direction. It was scattered. It was definitely a process I needed to take. So I let my creativity take its course. Without limitation, and without judging, I kept working on my pieces. This allowed me to see where I was at. What I wanted to keep and what I wanted to let go.


For me an artwork is like a paper crane. A piece nicely folded to keep its form. The "creating process" is like unfolding this paper crane back to what it originally was. When the work is done, and you look at it, you realize what this paper crane was implying. You can see the patterns of  "feeling" or "thought" that was really behind it. Through painting, I come to realization of the unconscious part of me. For me this process is amazing and I feel like I can get in touch with myself. 


I'm still discovering and learning.



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origami: paper cranes and company

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