Alice Morishita is a Tokyo born Japanese-Taiwanese artist, currently living and working in Berlin,Germany. Attending international schools and being brought up in a multicultural environment, has definitely influenced her current creative works. In her works, both eastern and western aesthetics can be  recognized. She has always had strong interests in culture, rituals, myths, vintages and antiques. Morishita's unique world is depicted through surreal images of animals, nature and human figures. She works with mixture of medias, mainly ink, acrylic, coffee and thread. Her sensitive eye for structure and detail can be seen through her pointillism techniques which appear frequently in her works. Her works also have a subtle coded symbolism which creates layers and depth to the work.


"I believe people make culture and culture makes people." 


Through visual creation, I hope to portray the fundamental nature of humans and let art be the stimulant to realize the nature of what humans actually possess. I feel that a strong belief building up will eventually transform itself into what we see as culture.  I approach this in a very primitive form using ink and nib pen. 


I work a lot with ink pointillism. For me, I feel like each dot is an incident in one's life and together it makes something more than what it is individually. I also work with acrylic colors, coffee, pigments, and thread. I incorporate all of these aspects to create a painting. I like to work with different media on one canvas because I believe I can express different dimensions and aspects of myself and the concept. In this way, although I work to create a two-dimensional piece, I can share a three-dimensional image of what I want to express. 





Sept 2016                “trails of the soul” - Gallery Nomad (BERLIN, GERMANY)





October 2020      "KUNST KENNT KEINE AUSGANGSSPERRE " Rathenau Hallen Gebäude 59 (BERLIN, GERMANY)

Juli 2020               "NATURE-ART-LIFE" Update Gallery (BONN, GERMANY)


January 2020          "1+2+3" Wen's Art Collection (CHENGDU, CHINA)

November 2019     "EXPLORATION : beyond words" (KENSUKE SAITO & ALICE MORISHITA) ALMANAC showroom (TOKYO, JAPAN)

June 2019               "BEYOND WORDS" Wen's Art Collection (CHENGDU, CHINA) 

January 2019          "PRIMITIVISM-始跡" Wen's Art Collection (CHENGDU, CHINA)

December 2018     "PRIMITIVISM-始跡" Present Art Experience Center (CHENGDU, CHINA)

April 2018             "DUALITY -二元性- C.D.P. Cultural and Artistic Space (CHENGDU, CHINA)

January 2018         "LebensWeisen" Update Gallery (BONN, GERMANY)

June 2017              "Nord Art 2017" Kunstwerk Carlshütte (BÜDELSDORF, GERMANY)

May 2017              "MOJALIth vol. II" (KENSUKE SAITO & ALICE MORISHITA) ALMANAC showroom (TOKYO, JAPAN)

November 2016   “WINTERKUNSTKABINETT vol.III” Gallery Nomad (BERLIN, GERMANY)

July 2016              “Liberating the Female Spirit” Fellini Gallery (BERLIN, GERMANY)

July 2016              “Kollectiv Ausstellung zum Geburstag von Gallery Nomad” Gallery Nomad (BERLIN, GERMANY)

December 2015    “MOJALIth vol. 1” (KENSUKE SAITO & ALICE MORISHITA) ALMANAC showroom (TOKYO, JAPAN)

December 2015    “MOJALIth vol. 1” (KENSUKE SAITO & ALICE MORISHITA) Gallery 7°C (TOKYO, JAPAN)

November 2015   “WINTERKUNSTKABINETT vol.II” Gallery Nomad (BERLIN, GERMANY)

November 2014   “ILLUSTREET- co-op pop-up GALLERY 2014 Group Exhibition” MASUMI BLDG. 2F (TOKYO, JAPAN)

October 2014      “AMBEREBMA x ALICE MORISHITA” - N_1221 (TOKYO, JAPAN)

January 2014       “EXPOSITION COLLECTIF DE 59 RIVOLI” Gallery 59 (PARIS, FRANCE)





April 2014 - May 2014  59 Rivoli - Fine Arts Paris, France 

Dec 2013 - Jan 2014     59 Rivoli - Fine Arts Paris, France 




November 2019  "Ganzi" painting in collaboration with KENSUKE SAITO

January 2014       “A x A Project” creating a collaboration bag with a Dutch Bag brand AMBEREBMA




October 2019      “Room of Imaginary Creatures”  / participated with several illustrations for this project